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Kegels Gym


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Use to exercise your pelvic floor, improve your contraction of the genital muscles or for fun, it is not a coincidence our Kegel Gym is also called pleasure balls, geisha balls, orgasm balls, Venus balls or balls of love.

Spherical shape for a pleasant “feeling of fullness”
Made with hypoallergenic medical grade silicone that is soft to the touch and compatible with most water-based lubricants.
Drawstring base for peace of mind and perineal feel.

hypoallergenic medical grade silicone
Once your discovery what the movement feels like, do Kegel exercises 3 times a day: Better do it is your bladder is empty, sit or lie down. Introduce kegels Gym balls Tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold and count 3 to 5 seconds. Them relax the muscles and count another 3 to 5 seconds. Repeat 10 – 12 times, 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and night).

If skin irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not used when recharge.

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